If you’re under the age of 40 (and even if you’re over it), chances are you’re familiar with the phrase “Netflix and chill.” (And if you’re not, you better look that up right now!) Well, it should come as no surprise that someone finally created an app for the coded slang for hooking up.

Sadly, the Netflix and chill app isn’t eponymously named. Instead, it’s called TikiTalk and it was released for iOS earlier this week by a pair of developers in California and Texas, Fusion reports.

Like the name of the app suggests, this is not your typical dating app. Instead of searching by people, you search by activity. For instance, you choose various group activities (ie: “Get Brunch,” “Get Korean BBQ,” and, of course, “Netflix and Chill”) that you’d like to do and then the app shows you other available users based on location that you can invite to join you. If they agree, a chat window pops up and you can plan the date from there.

“Netflix and chill is just so funny,” said TikiTalk co-founder Daniel Ahn, who compared the app to Facebook’s poke feature. “It was everything we were about. Sending someone an invite or whatever, you can make them smile.”

Time will only tell if this app catches on and becomes the next Tinder.