Personally, I found Sicario to be dumb and faux-deep. But as per Rotten Tomatoes, I'm in the minority on that sentiment—I think it's at like 94% fresh or something lmao. Throw in the critical favor and add in its impressive box office haul despite still being a very limited release for the time being—$390,000 across only 6 theaters—and of course, sequel talks have already begun. Even allowing that most people enjoyed the film more than I did, the ending didn't exactly scream follow-up, but hey, Hollywood is super thirsty like that.

Apparently Lionsgate studio co-chair Patrick Wachsberger was highly interested in Benicio Del Toro's shadowy operative, whose story ends on an ambiguous note: "Before the release of this movie, I was talking to [director Denis Villeneuve], and I said, 'What happened to this character? Where is Benicio going?'" Good, place it all on Benicio, and let Emily Blunt do something else.

Sicario opens nationwide on October 2, see if you agree with me or if I'm on an island all by myself with this one.