All the kids wanted was a brand new whip. 

The two boys were part of a supervised walk around their nursery grounds in the town of Magnitogorsk, south east Russia, when they slipped away from the rest of the group. It took the staff half an hour to realise they were gone, by which point they were well on their way down the road towards the car showroom. They'd been preparing their escape for days by digging a hole under the fence with spades from the nursery's sandpitShawshank Redemption-style. The people in charge weren't too happy about the breakout, though, and the supervisor in charge at the time has been fired. 

It wasn't until they were a mile down the road, though, that their dream came to an end. A driver saw the kids on their way to the car showroom and asked what they were doing, apparently they told her they were on their way to buy a Jaguar but didn't have enough money. Unsurprisingly, she took them both to the police station.

[via the Guardian]