All hail Nickelodeon. This week they announced that they'll be bringing back some of their classic, super-hit shows, including Rugrats, through a programming block called "The Splat," launching sometime in late October. Get ready to dive back into the world of animated glory and pretend it's the ‘90s all over again (Capri Sun not included).

In our '90s nostalgia haze, we went digging around Rugrats' IMDB page and had a moment of clarity—this show was more star-studded than we ever realized. Celebrities doing voice roles on animated shows is a Hollywood tradition—Michael Cera was Brother Bear in PBS’ The Berenstain Bears, Keith David voiced Goliath in Disney’s Gargoyles, Robert Downey Jr. was Pewterschmidt on Family Guy, Ringo Starr was Duck Brothers on Courage the Cowardly Dog—it just never occurred to us that Rugrats was flexing like that.

So what random celebrities voiced characters on Rugrats? Take a look while listening to the theme song. Your insatiable desire for nostalgia will thank us. 

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