This is a good time to be alive for art lovers. Now that we can turn any moment into a professional quality photograph or a jaw-dropping video clip to share, we are all more aware of the art in our lives than ever before. FIAT and Complex seized this moment to allow art fans all over the country to share the awesome public art and design in their hometowns using the hashtag #MyDesignCity. But beyond just sharing great images, the people who participated in #MyDesignCity were entered for the chance to win a trip to attend one of three phenomenal pop up gallery events in three different cities.

And what a series of events they were. The pop up galleries in Chicago, San Francisco and Austin featured some of the hottest young artists in each region, and brought people together with great food and great drinks to celebrate all the art each city has to offer. Each city’s pop-up gallery featured a local headliner—someone whose work is defining the feel of the city in the present moment. In Chicago, that artist was Don't Fret, in San Francisco it was Apex, and in Austin it was Sophie Roach. Guests at each event were able to get down to tunes spun by local DJs, and, of course, check out the all-new FIAT 500X Crossover. For more information—and to see all the great art images collected from around the country—check out #MyDesignCity on Instagram.