Would receiving an adorable selfie from your dog make you feel better while selling out at your soul-crushing corporate job?  Well then PetBot is looking for you – to give them some money. 

The product's Indiegogo campaign explains: 

"PetBot is a treat dispenser with a built in high-tech camera, which enables your pet to send you a "selfie." When your pet gets in Petbot's field of vision, Petbot will use "petificial intelligence" to start recording a video and give your pet a treat."

You can also record a message for your pet using your own voice, then call your dog over to the device by hitting a button on the PetBot app on your phone. If you want to share the adorableness, you can set it to automatically post your pet's selfies to your social media accounts. 

And it doesn't work for just dogs. According to its inventors, PetBot has been successfully used with cats and even a pet rabbit. As of this writing, the campaign has raised almost $50,000 of its $80,000 goal. 

It's a cool idea, just try not to think too much about how this proves that your dog doesn't really love you (just the treats you give them).