New Snapchat filters have been getting more inventive, with crazy shit like rainbow mouth and heart eyes being introduced just a couple weeks ago. But Snapchat knows shit gets old and teens have very short attention spans, so they've already been changing over filters frequently. The one that just dropped today is by far the creepiest, making your face look like an emoji face, or maybe a Minion. And also kinda like C3PO. How far we've come from the sexting era of Snapchat (RIP).

With the terrifying new filter today, the Internet has been wylin' out, so the Complex Pop Culture squad decided to try it out for ourselves. 


Here's our News Editor, Ian Servantes:

Managing Editor, Andrew Gruttadaro:

​Staff Writer, Frazier Tharpe:

Yours Truly:

And LASTLY, our Social Man and Squad Dad, Khal:

(Noticeably absent is our Deputy Editor, Kerensa Cadenas, who is out sick but received all of these selfies in a text.) SORRY FOR THE NIGHTMARES.