Social app Knock Knock have announced that they are organising the world’s first Netflix and Chill festival this weekend. Which raises a couple of questions, to be honest. The whole point of Netflix and Chilling is that you wanna get that one girl over to yours, right? But the event has 21,000 attendees confirmed on Facebook. So that means one of three things. Either they’re organising a mass orgy. Or it’s basically being put on by someone’s parents, who think Netflix and Chill means to actually sit down quietly and watch Orange Is The New Black. Or, most likely, it’s some new app’s marketing team jumping on a popular meme phrase to get some easy publicity. In which case, it’s working.

It’s taking place on September 25 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The exact location is being kept secret, and it’s invite only according to the Facebook event. We presume the invite will take the form of a text that starts: “Bae: Come over”.

[via The Independent]