UPDATE (9/30/15): The boy's name is Josey Hollis Dorsey, according to TMZ, which reviewed the kid's birth certificate. What a letdown!

See original story from 9/30/15 below.

Remember a year ago, when Naya Rivera married vaguely-to-not-at-all acclaimed white boy Ryan Dorsey just to troll her very recent ex, Big Sean? And then, several months later, when the happy couple announced Rivera's pregnancy on the day of Sean's latest, high-profile album release? This petty game of chess culminates today, with news that Rivera gave birth last month to a healthy baby boy.

We're just now, a month after the fact, learning this precious news from US Weekly. Presumably, Naya Rivera got tired of waiting for Sean to achieve some other milestone as provocation for announcing this news in a more timely and competitive fashion. 

Since US Weekly failed to report the kid's name, we must assume that Rivera and Dorsey named their son Big Sean just to fuck up the rapper's SEO.

Oh look, Big Sean is releasing a song today. Congratulations!

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