It’s the gift that keeps on giving. After dropping not one or two, but three sets of hip-hop variant covers, Marvel is gifting comic book and music fans alike with yet another set.  Entertainment Weekly obtained the latest batch which features homages to Ice Cube’s “Death Certificate,” Diggable Planets’ “Blowout Comb,” Method Man’s “Tical” and Snoop Dogg’s “Doggystyle” from artists Tim Bradstreet, Javier Pulido, Mike Del Mundo and Juan Doe.

Axel Alonso, Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics, told EW, “From West Coast ‘G Thang’ to East Coast Wu — this week, we pay tribute to a wide range of musical styles and four of the most iconic album covers ever.”

Along with its predecessors, the new covers listed below will go on sale later this year.