Not that this week has been lacking in resilient animal stories, from an unofficial New York City mascot to a train full of rescued dogs, but we could all use another. Meet a koala nicknamed Bear Grylls after it survived being hit by a car going over 60 m.p.h. in Australia. 

The little guy was in the middle of the road when Loren Davis hit him with her Mitsubishi as she headed home near Adelaide. She told Australia’s ABC News, “I didn't see the koala until my headlights found it, but I couldn't change lanes because another car was there [on the inside lane],” she explained. "I slammed my brakes on, but another car was behind me, so there was no choice but to hit the koala."

Davis got home and went to inspect her car’s damage. She got quite the scare, to say the least. "I turned around, saw a koala and just screamed,” Davis said. There cozied up in her car grill was the koala very much alive but a little shaken. Davis looked after it until a koala rescue service came. "Bear Grylls" has since been released back into the wild. The real Bear Grylls even poked fun at the playful nickname.

[via GQ/CNN]