One of the most important things you learn in school is how to cite your source. Well, it looks like Josh Ostrovsky, who goes by the moniker The Fat Jew, missed that lesson. After being called out for stealing jokes and losing a major deal with Comedy Central, he opened up to Vulture about his curating process (key word: interns) and promised to give credit where credit is due. He said:

 I'm working to add attribution to every one of my posts, and will continue to do so. My email address is up. I urge people to reach out and say, “That's my thing.” I would love to give credit. I want people to shine on social media, I always have. And I will never again post something that doesn't have attribution, because I realize now that when the stage is large enough, and the voice is large enough, these things matter.

Except, as deathandtaxes pointed out, he hasn’t done a very good job of that. Over the weekend, Twitter user Ricky Montgomery screencaptured one of Ostrovsky’s posts which shows his username conveniently edited out.

Montgomery emailed Ostrovsky about receiving credit and Ostrovsky seemed cool with itif that disparaging post was deleted in reciprocation.

So it looks like The Fat Jew is up to his old tricks again. If only there was a free and convenient way to learn how to cite your sources. Oh, wait.