It’s the most dreadful time of the year for students—the end of summer. With school nearly back in session, it’s time to swap those game consoles for calculators and notebooks. But the transition from dazed and confused to attentive pupil doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to an awesome crash course from John Oliver.

As he prepares for his big return from hiatus, the late night host uploaded a new YouTube video to whip returning students back into tip-top learning shape. In the amusing web exclusive, he offers up invaluable lessons on subjects like American history, world history, math and biology.

For the most part, his advice is honest and straight forward: Learn who dies at the end of each book, you don’t really need math except to add and subtract, Asia and Africa are continents, and chemistry may or may not teach you how to cook meth. However, at his request, we Googled former president Warren G. Harding’s love life and that’s probably the most important thing you won’t ever need to know in your lifetime.

Well played, Oliver.