Another presidential run for Vice President Joe Biden, who’s already ran twice before, has been questionable the past couple of months and as of late. Especially after he publicly addressed the possibility at a speaking engagement, saying he would only run if he felt his family had the “emotional energy” for it considering the Biden’s just lost their son Beau. One week later, the VP appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and reiterated the fact that he didn’t feel ready. It seems like Joe may be good to go since a Biden advisor was overheard saying the Vice President is “100 percent in the race.”

Sources told the National Review that they overheard a conversation Josh Alcorn, an advisor and confidant of Beau’s and fundraiser for the Draft Biden super PAC (raising money for a Biden presidential run), was having on a phone while on an Amtrak ride from New York to Wilmington, Delaware in the café car yesterday. Alcorn was heard saying that he is: “100 percent that Joe is in the race,” with another source saying they heard him say, “I am 100 percent that Joe is in.” But Alcorn said he wasn’t sure when Biden would make the announcement, his guess was mid-October—which would be right before the first Democratic debate on Oct. 13. 

Alcon was also heard saying that test advertisements were helping shift Hillary Clinton supporters to Biden’s side, a problem that has been internal as well, while adding that money would be coming in right before the bid announcement. 

Good ol' Joe may just give in. The third time's a charm after all.

[via Gawker]