Frats are gross—that's a pretty much known fact. And now that we're in back to school season, frat rushing is in full swing. One tipster from James Madison University sent Gawker a frat rush guide from Phi Gamma Delta that is more disturbing than your average "bros will be bros" scenario. For one, it ends on the note, "we will do whatever we can to try and get you guys laid." Eww tell me that doesn't sound VERY rape-y to you.

It gets worse: The guide also has a handy guide of "DORM HOTTIES" with unsuspecting freshmen girls' names, dorm numbers, and their hotness rankings on a 1–10 scale so that these frat bros can bring them to FIJI parties (Note: FIJI is another name for Phi Gamma Delta). It reads:

I have written a list of hot girls and their suite/room in [the dorm]. Now this is a little creepy thing to do but necessary so let’s keep this low key. You must travel together to all of the suites on this list, and invite these girls to the parties (social schedule will also be attached). You are to introduce yourselves, build rapport (if you don’t know what that is look it up you degenerates), invite them (their whole suite) to the party of the respective night, and tell them to come up to your suite around 9pm to pregame. Don’t forget to get their phone #’s. Now, I’m praying you guys brought liquor or something that allows you to pregame.


New bros are also asked to leave their suite door open so that they can meet "the babes" (HIGH CREEP ALERT) and are encouraged to party their faces off and "turn up the Casanova level to 'I'm not settling for anything less than a solid 8 tonight.'" Ewww. Gross gross gross.