I hate this. 

James Franco seems to be having some sort of identity crisis lately. Earlier this year "straight James Franco" interviewed his gay self, and last week he reviewed a movie with his reverse self, "Semaj." Now James Franco—an entertainer of our time—is back on that dual personality beat in an interview between his boy self and girl self on VICE's i-D. (WHY ARE WE ALL ENCOURAGING THIS?!?!) It seems like the article is shouting, "It me, James Franco, and I have a feminist agenda." It's insufferable. Here's an excerpt below:

He also talks about not DMing people anymore (referring to those creepy Insta DMs with a 17-year-old—ya trust, we never forgot) in an effort to, what, exonerate himself? I don't know. I can't bring myself to care.

If you get far enough without suffering from a brain aneurysm you will also catch James Franco acknowledging the excess of sad white men in films via Girl James. Meanwhile am coming to this troubling realization: AM I GIRL JAMES FRANCO?

Unfortunately, all this split personality/twin content seems to be a publicity stunt for his upcoming porn drama, The Deucein which he plays twins. Blergh. James Franco, stopppppp. If you care to read the rest of this masturbatory interview, you can go here.