Even a cursory scroll through widely disregarded conspiracy theorist Ed Klein's laughably hollow Twitter timeline shows a man bound and determined to keep outdoing himself with increasingly ridiculous theories on the intricate inner workings of the United States government. However, his latest "theory" is perhaps his most preposterous creation yet.

Though Klein's detailed post on his own website begins innocuously enough, he quickly descends into the chaos of racist surrealism:

"According to these Democratic sources, Biden is mulling over the president’s conditional offer of support. In addition, there is speculation among top Democratic sources that Obama has another quid pro quo for his endorsement: he wants Biden to choose an African American as his vice presidential running mate. In this scenario, which Obama has not yet fully explained to Biden, Biden would promise to serve only one term in the White House, after which he would back his vice president to succeed him.

As Biden’s vice president, Obama is said to favor former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a close Obama ally who is the first and only African American to have served as governor of the Bay State. Obama has already given Biden carte blanche to use Air Force Two, the official vice presidential plane, to crisscross the country and launch an unofficial campaign.

Obvious racism-driven fear mongering aside, Klein's maddeningly stupid assertion reads like a Glenn Beck wet dream on laced cocaine, making this some seriously overblown drivel. If history has taught us anything, it's that Donald Trump could just as easily pick Klein as his own running mate, therefore completing the cycle of frustration that is American politics.