God bless Vulture's remix series for giving us what we've all been dying to see: Idris Elba as the character he was born to play: James Bond. This casting rumor has been around for nearly a year, sparking comments that he's somehow not British enough or, you know, TOO GODDAMN "STREET" to play the famed secret agent (who has so far only been played by white actors). Eyeroll. Even though Idris himself basically shut down the rumors, we cannot seem to get over this idea of Elba as the next 007. 

Thankfully, the remix gods have blessed us. Sewn together above are scenes from other Idris projects (LutherThe Gunman​, Takers) with the trailer for the upcoming  Spectre, and voila—a believable 007 movie. Watch above and then tell me you don't think Idris Elba isn't the perfect Bond.