Don’t look for them because it’s really depressing, but it’s pretty easy to find a lot of horrible racist stuff on Facebook if you wanted to. People who you don’t know why you’re still friends with (and you quickly unfriend), sharing images of refugees who are apparently about to “flood” our streets, and are all secretly working for ISIS. And most of the pictures turn out to be fake anyway.

So now people are trolling groups like Britain First and the EDL with the threat of Syrian refugee Ice Cube coming over here, and trying to take over. Sure, when Cube turns up at Dover, he’s all in Are We There Yet? mode, smiling in a life jacket. But as soon as we let him in, he goes back in time 20 years and is suddenly all AK-47-brandisihing NWA-era Ice Cube. You have been warned.

We're not sure if anyone has actually fallen for it, but it's pretty genius whatever.