A show about babies getting into situations that often resulted in consequence for their parents, Rugrats was the perfect program for children old enough to understand what was going on, but still allowed to make dumbass mistakes because of their age. Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and Angelica's adventures inspired many of our own. But one character that's often overlooked is Lou Pickles, Tommy's grandfather. Grandpa Pickles was arguably senile at times but always entertaining. He also didn't give a fuck, but how can you blame a guy his age who begins every sentence with, "Back in my day"? 

In honor of Grandpa Lou, as well as the show's recent anniversary, we look back at 10 times the old man kept it 100. From indirectly introducing us to porn to showing us that nothing can come between the love you have for your family and friends, Grandpa Lou showed us that not caring is truly a great way to live—at least if you're really old, because then what do you have to lose?

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