Just weeks after announcing a major restructuring of the company, Google has unveiled its new logo. Though drastic changes are absent, the letters are noticeably thinner with muted colors. In fact, it's actually kind of sleek. Meanwhile, someone in the world is still out there trying to help Bing happen. One could even surmise that this Bing enthusiast is currently Binging stories about Google. This theoretical individual would presumably stumble upon this article about Google's new font, recognize the awesome nod to minimalism, then cry because Bing, dude. Bing.

Earlier this month, Google announced it would now operate under a newly created parent company named Alphabet. However, the site's most compelling news came just days later upon the release of a totally scientific map from Estately depicting the googling habits of the entire country on a state-by-state basis. North Dakota made headlines for its apparent habit of constantly googling Fred Durst and company, a.k.a. Limp Bizkit:

Please launch all "How Fred Durst Changed Google Forever" thinkpieces with grave immediacy.