Most Canadians feels at home in a Tim Hortons, so why should a goat be any different? The employees of a Mastensville, Saskatchewan Tim Hortons had to call the RCMP after a goat wandered in through the automatic doors, and refused to leave.

Employees tried to lead the goat back outside, but he kept turning around and coming back in. He hung around in the lobby area, unable to get through the second set of non-automatic doors, until RCMP officers showed up to handle the situation. Officers believe the goat was cold and just wanted to “sleep in the entrance” where it was warm.

Since the goat wouldn’t leave on his own, the officers had no choice but to “arrest” him and put him in the back of their squad car. The stubborn animal was reportedly “very unhappy” with his treatment.

In a statement, the RCMP said “the members decided to take him home instead of holding cells at the detachment.” It’s unlikely the goat would learn anything from his actions by spending the night in lock up anyway, so they might as well try to figure out where he came from and return him to his owners.

After knocking on the doors of a few local farms, officers were unable to find the owners of the goat, so they took him to an animal hospital for the night. But by the morning, the goat’s home was found. “We are happy to report that the goat is safe and sound, back with his owners after his adventurous night on the town,” the RCMP has confirmed.

Of course, the RCMP couldn’t resist making a couple memes about the rebellious goat, including one that said “Baaad Goat, Baaad Goat. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you.”