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When still-fresh Late Show host Stephen Colbert wore a #BlackLivesMatter wristband during a taping on Friday, the waters of ignorance over at Fox News quickly started to boil. As predicted by even the most casual of smart people, the network decided to go full Fox by enlisting certified CNN and MSNBC traitor Tucker Carlson to bestow upon Colbert the distinct honor of receiving a warm batch of bullshit disguised as conservative critique:

"It's possible [Colbert] is so rich, famous, a celebrity guy, [and] so totally out of touch he doesn't fully understand what that represents. But here is my concern, obviously Stephen Colbert is a talented character, but there is also a strain of self-righteousness in his comedy. I don't think it, I mean, do you really want to get into this your first week on air, diving face first into the most divisive social movement in America?"

In addition to the fact that this former bow tie enthusiast considers #BlackLivesMatter the "most divisive social movement in America," he also has the audacity predictable Fox News character trait that inspires actual human beings to accuse someone like Colbert of being a comedian concerned mainly with "self-righteousness."

If your brain can handle it, feel free to peruse the entire clip of Carlson and company's painfully predictable Fox Newsery below: