Today, September the 15th, marks a landmark development in the 11-year history of Facebook. After years of users clamoring and likely giving up all hope (I know I did), Mark Zuckerberg announced the social network is currently working on a dislike button. That's right, there will be a button just for your shade. 

Zuckerberg explained the dislike button won't be like reddit's downvote and upvote system. Instead, it'll be a way to acknowledge, say, a depressing post on starving children forced to eat puppies without awkwardly hitting the like button. "What they really want is the ability to express empathy," Zuck said during a Q&A at FB headquarters, according to Business Insider. "Not every moment is a good moment."

....Wait, what? This isn't about shade? This is about empathy? Goddamn you, Mark Zuckerberg and your failure to embrace the dark side of The Force. Here I was thinking I could resubscribe to the people whose posts I hate just to explicitly demonstrate my disapproval with one click, but now I need to leave them in limbo between friends and not-friends. What we're talking about isn't a dislike button; it's an "I'm sorry" button. 

Just when I was ready to open the door, FB stays in the rinse cycle.