We promise, there's a very good reason these little kids are playing with condoms, tampons and other things I don't want to type in the same sentence with "kids."

Gun safety is a serious topic, but the not-for-profit organization Evolve also knows that serious or not, the best way to get people to pay attention to anything is to make it funny. 

That's why their campaign titled "playthings" features children playing with various items to remind people that kids will play with almost anything, including your guns if they find them. 

The humorous tone carries over to Evolve's website, which features graphics that say things like "Toddlers are terrible marksmen." The organization describes itself like this:

We like the same stuff you do: ice cream, freedom, people not accidentally killing each other with guns, good music. You know, normal stuff.

But in an average year here in America, more than 16,000 people are injured or killed in preventable gun incidents.

Yes, there’s a raging gun debate out there. But no matter how loud anyone is yelling whatever they’re yelling, everyone can agree, we can be safer. Right, responsible gun owner? Right, left-leaning senator? Right, Mom?