It is going to be tempting to squeeze in some last minute fun late Sunday morning. The thing is that before you know it, Sunday morning bleeds into Sunday afternoon and you’ve held on to your getaway past it’s expiration date. Hit the road with enough time to give yourself some breathing room. If you need some motivation to cut your trip short, pick something to get back to town for. Maybe you want to watch that episode of Game of Thrones. Maybe you don’t want to miss Sunday Night Football. Maybe you want to spend a quiet evening alone with your girl. Whatever your go-to chill move is, make time to unwind once you get back to the crib. Give yourself a moment to unpack, shower, and mentally prepare for the week ahead. Wash the beautiful shame of the weekend away and sleep off whatever it is you need to sleep off. You have responsibilities after all, and Sunday night is the time to let them come drifting back toward the front of your mind.

Don’t worry. You’ll be able to forget all about them again the next time you get away for the weekend.