Whether they are a fresh pair of Beats or some £7 piece of crap you bought in a train station, there’s one thing that all headphones do: plug into your ears, right?

WRONG. Behold, the Batband, the ear-free headphones that just clip onto your head. So how do they work? According to the press release it “operates via a high fidelity bone conduction system, your ears remain free at all times.” So basically it vibrates your skull so the sound goes directly to your inner ear. It leaves your ears free, so you can also hear the world around you. Which means it might not be ideal for losing yourself in that new Skepta mixtape, but if your listening to a podcast or speaking to someone on handsfree it does mean that you can hear that bus coming towards you and not get run over.

The Batband is currently being funded on Kickstarter, and reached it’s goal in just 7 days. If you fancy a pair, you can head over and cop some up for $149.