Donald Trump, the racist, sexist, classist, and pretty much every other -ist, presidential candidate who wants to “Make America Great Again” has been inspiring nasty racist behavior since the eighties, a new report reveals. A New Yorker story on New Jersey’s Atlantic City includes a firsthand account from an ex-Trump employee, a black man who said black people were hidden whenever Trump would visit. 

The man, Kip Brown, told the New Yorker’s Nick Paumgarten that he used to work at Trump’s Castle, now called the Golden Nugget, stripping and waxing floors while also bussing tables at the Showboat. Brown recalled,  

It’s unclear if this was an order from Trump himself or a decision casino bosses made for themselves. Either way, it’s an example of the hostile environments Trump continues to create, unfortunately for us, on a national level this time. 

[via Mother Jones]