Racism can come from anywhere and from anyone. Just ask the WWE fans who were shocked when a series of offensive tweets surfaced from NXT wrestler Jasmin or the child of the woman who is suing a sperm bank over having a bi-racial baby. Even so, it’s still surprising in situations like a black-owned restaurant losing a racial discrimination lawsuit against a black ex-employee.

According to CBS Los Angeles, Daniel Beasley was awarded more than $1 million after suing the restaurant chain Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles over claims that he was unlawfully terminated. Beasley says he was fired after reporting to human resources and the owner that managers at the restaurant harassed him for being black and gave preferential treatment, such as better scheduling, to Latino employees.

“It’s owned by an African American owner, but he gives full authority to the Hispanics to run it,” he told reporters. His complaints must have fallen on deaf ears because the grandfather from Compton says nothing was done, and he soon found himself out of a job. “It just caught me by surprise because here I am getting fired when I’m trying to fix the problem.”

The $1.6 million outcome is a major victory for Beasley, who says he became homeless after loss of employment. He and attorney Scott Cummings hope that this win sends a message to other businesses out there. “Racism, racial harassment can occur really anywhere even in a black-owned business,” said Cummings. Beasley added, “You can’t treat people like that and get away with it constantly.”

Roscoe’s, which owns seven locations throughout Southern California, has the ability to appeal the decision.