The West Indian Day Parade is once again marred by senseless acts of violence, this time during the J’Ouvert pre-celebration festivities in Brooklyn. Carey Gabay, the first deputy counsel to Governor Andrew Cuomo, was reportedly shot in the head around 3:30 a.m. early Monday morning while walking with his brother near Bedford Avenue and Montgomery Street. According to CBS New York, Gabay is currently in critical condition.

"It is an instance and a moment that really brings home the pain and the pointlessness of this violence," Cuomo said shortly after news of Gabay's shooting surfaced. "The violence has to stop. [Gabay] was a beautiful man, a sweet man." Gabay's wife is currently expecting their first child.

Less than two hours before Gabay's shooting, an unidentified man was fatally stabbed in the torso near the Grand Army Plaza. This year's unsettling incidents are reportedly part of a continued pattern for the event, as multiple people were shot along the parade route in 2014.

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