Colorado sold over 148,238 pounds of marijuana and banked about $50 million in recreational marijuana tax revenue in its first year of legalization. In fact, Colorado made so much money that legally the state would have to return money to taxpayers, per the voter-approved Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights a 1992 constitutional amendment which says the state has to pay back taxpayers whenever it makes more revenue than allowed. But both Republican and Democrat state officials aren’t trying to return that money, because who likes giving away money. Here's what some of the officials had to say:

Republican Senate President Bill Cadman said, “I think it’s appropriate that we keep the money for marijuana that the voters said that we should,” referring to 2012’s Amendment 64 which voters passed, agreeing that the first $40 million in revenue would go towards school construction.   

Meanwhile Republican Senator and budget writer Kevin Grantham said, “This is a little bit of a different animal. There’s a struggle on this one.” Whereas Democratic state senator Pat Steadman straight up called the dispute “absurd.” 

One Aurora, Colorado resident, David Huff, 50, said he wants to have the money returned, complaining Colorado adds 30% more taxes on marijuana.

If Huff doesn't get his way, he'll stand to miss out on a reported $7.63 refund.  

[via Counter Current News]