Budget hotels are fine, right? So you might not be a baller at the Ritz or anything, but they’re fine for one night. Unless you’re staying at the Wheatley Travelodge in Oxford, that is.

23 year-old Harmony Hachey was staying there when she noticed something was off. As she described it in a Facebook post: “While taking a shower on Friday August 28 in one of their rooms, I noticed a strange object hidden in the vent next to the shower head. After further investigation, I realised it was a camera pointing towards me while I was showering.”

Not cool.

The camera has a USB cable on it but wasn’t connected to any recording device, so no footage was recorded of her. At least not this time.

A spokesperson for Travelodge said “The privacy of our customers is a matter of the highest importance to us and the hotel team investigated immediately. While the camera appeared to be inoperative, we have reported this matter to the police and we are now supporting them fully with their ongoing investigations.” Thames Valley Police also confirmed they are investigating.

[via The Telegraph]