Ben Carson isn't winning in the polls yet, but he is winning on social media, and that's a huge part of why he's a close No. 2 behind Donald Trump right now,  according to a new report by CNN.

Carson has had a huge spike in Facebook likes lately, going from a few hundred thousands at the start of the year, to about 2.7 million today. That might be because Carson is the only candidate  posting things on Facebook that feel like the type of stuff people actually want to see on Facebook. 

Like pets...

And "funny" comics that don't take a lot of thinking...

And pets...

But even when it isn't pets, Carson's staffers are making it sound like anything this guy does on the Internet turns to gold. "If he posts, ‘I’ve scratched my left ear,’ we get 9,000 likes,” one of them told CNN. 

And it appears to be making him a lot of money. Carson has raised $21.5 million, the third most of any Republican, but he's done it with by far the most small donations under $200, which is a sure sign of a strong digital campaign. 

Is it going to really add up to anything for a dude who says crazy stuff like prison sex proves that being gay is a choice? Only time will tell, but don't forget that a superior online strategy is often credited with helping Barack Obama win twice. 



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