In the same week, we’ve seen a mayor run her city into the ground via WhatsApp and a teen dad accidentally kill himself while taking selfies with a gun. Perhaps it’s time to put down the phone and get those neurotransmitters working in the brain again.

An Arizona high school student was arrested by police after posting a Snapchat photo of his crowded school hallway with the caption, “planning the school shooting.”  NBC News reports that the 16-year-old’s name hasn’t been released because he is a minor.

The image made it all the way to Colorado where a high school student named Kaylee saved it, automatically notifying the sender. The culprit soon reached out to her and identified himself as a male student who attended Sierra Linda High School in Phoenix. Not taking any chances, Kaylee reported the incident to her resource officer. "I didn't want to assume it was a joke because if I would have woken up today and seen that he really did shoot up a school, I know how bad I would have felt if I know I could possibly have stopped it," she said.

Police have charged the teen with one count of creating a hoax, which is a class 4 felony. He confessed to sending the image but insists it was just a joke. Well, now it looks like the joke's on you.