What defines a gentleman? More specifically, what defines an Irish gentleman?

At once well-versed in the introspective tradition of artistic bravery and an innate responsibility to political urgency, this individual is quite special indeed but without the knack for cockiness that might deter others from recognizing the potential of such traits. He is open to his fellow man, yes; but more importantly, he knows when to look inward for a very different but all too important type of connection. Thanks to our dear friend TV, these extraordinary gentlemen can be found with just the push of a button. They’re among the elite at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, nestled under the stars of a 30th century existence, or even alongside a swatch of Georgia natives battling brain-hungry zombies.

If our current golden age of television has taught us anything, it’s that TV remains the best medium through which to introduce and explore beautifully contradictory characters without sacrificing story. Though doomsday soothsayers were convinced that the internet would completely destroy the medium, TV survived its own dismantling by working with, not against, the internet—bringing us an increasingly stacked roster of downright legendary characters, including a veritable assortment of truly complex Irish gentlemen.