Nostalgic '90s sitcoms are the most comforting thing to fall asleep to known to man, but imagine if it was your own dad's voice cracking predictable, family-friendly jokes as you nodded off to blissful dreamland at night. That would be the best, right?

Unless your dad sucks, in which case that might be a real nightmare. But forget that, let's assume your dad is the best. That would be the best, right?

Well Willow and Jaden Smith are living that life, apparently. 

The Smith children were being interviewed by Gulf News about their very teenagery philosophies on fashion (who made all these rules, bro?) when the interviewer asked the inevitable question "Do you watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?"

"Yes! Yes. I watch it when I go to sleep all the time," Willow replied enthusiastically. 

"Totally," Jaden agreed. 

"We like it as much as anyone else. It's the tightest show ever. As much as a normal person would like Fresh Prince, that's as much as we like Fresh Prince. You know what I'm saying? It's like, that's our dad, but is it? No. It's not," Jaden continued. 

And how about working with the star of said '90s sitcom, and also dad, Will Smith? Is that tough?

"Nah, he's a fly dude," Jaden said. "I prefer working with him more than not. He can help you with things other people can't help you with. Imagine acting with your dad. ... Nothing compares."

You can watch the entire interview, or skip to the Fresh Prince action at 3:00, below (via i-D). 

And because time is a flat circle, a Fresh Prince reboot is coming eventually, ensuring teens will have something to fall asleep to 20 years from now.