The story of the the boy who cried Bad Boys 3 is well-known. Rumors of another installment have been circulating for years without a serious sign until earlier this summer when Sony reportedly started making moves to line up a director, The Grey’s Joe Carnahan. Then at the beginning of August, Sony stunted and officially announced not one but two Bad Boys sequels and their release dates (February 17, 2017, and July 3, 2019). Oh, it’s lit, fans thought. 

Except Will Smith might not be starring in Bad Boys 3. Apparently Sony thinks the movie has been so slow-moving that Smith might not star, instead opting to produce. Or maybe it's because Michael Bay isn’t returning to direct or because Smith’s too busy foolishly planning to reboot The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air instead of accepting he's a bad boy for life. BB3 better get it together while there’s still time, or we can hold out hope for BB4. In the meantime you’ll find us here: 

[via A.V. Club]