As weed continues its glorious national takeover, and with science continually on its side, the question of quality control is repeatedly raised. Sure, that Desert Dragon Kush made Seinfeld reruns feel new again, but who exactly is testing this stuff? Enter Damien DiStefano, owner of the Over the Moon certification clinic in Detroit.

Alongside Joe, the profoundly well-mustachioed chemist, DiStefano searches for the best medical strains in the area before bringing them to resident fungus expert Brent. The new Complex original series Motor City High chronicles each step of this process, from the grower's in-store pitch to the lab to (of course) the most important aspect of this tedious process: the taste test.

However, presenting possible medical marijuana strains to DiStefano's team isn't as easy as simply growing some weed and slapping a vaguely mystical name on its canister. In fact, to be legally certified as medical marijuana, strains must contain a minimum of 12 percent THC. Furthermore, strains must be entirely free of impurities.

Motor City High premieres on Wednesday, but you can catch the first teaser above.