As the nation prepares for Sunday's Fear the Walking Dead premiere by researching genre-appropriate mixed drinks and weed strains, AMC has generously unveiled the first three minutes to gently nudge the show's hype over the edge. The series, a prequel to The Walking Dead, will sadly not reveal the cause of the ongoing zombie outbreak, as originally assumed upon the spinoff's announcement.

Speaking with the Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, showrunner Dave Erickson revealed that Robert Kirkman is very adamant in his rejection of exploring the outbreak's causes. Erickson and Kirkman both agree that "it's never been about what caused it" but rather "the impact it has on people." Fear the Walking Dead, which possesses the unfortunate quality of only adding one word to its title to distinguish it from its predecessor, hopes to explore that impact from the perspective of a young family forced to face the presumed end of civilization.

These first three minutes give us a good look at Harry Potter icon Frank Dillane, in his only-reads-Four-Pins-once best while searching for someone named Gloria. As expected, Gloria is no longer "Gloria."

Fear the Walking Dead premieres this Sunday on AMC.