Currently resting somewhere near the top of everyone's list of People Never to Invite to Your Home is one Bear Grylls, that guy everyone briefly hated back in 2007 when it was discovered that he (gasp) often stayed in hotels instead of actually roughing it in the wild as his television personality would suggest. Perhaps inspired by the plethora of free continental breakfasts encountered on his previous journeys through the slightly more upscale side of Mother Nature, Grylls is now known for cooking up a mean urine-drenched mouse.

Just ask Michelle Rodriguez, who recently appeared on Grylls' NBC show Running Wild. Trekking through the Nevada desert is surely a tiring and energy-draining experience, thus an impromptu meal or two is essential to making it out (and back to the hotel?) alive. Fetching a container of urine she previously loaded with admittedly "dehydrated" odor, the two adventurers boil a small mouse before pouring two tall glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon quietly absorbing the atypical nourishment.

Grylls assures Rodriguez and the audience that drinking your own urine is a totally cool and definitely safe thing to do, though he recommends boiling it to achieve maximum flavor. Bear's endorsement aside, maybe don't try this at home?