The first Deadpool trailer dropped during Conan tonight, and it was so NSFW the show had to switch to a TV-MA rating for tonight only. Oh, that Ryan Reynolds.

This is our first real look at the highly-anticipated movie, and it is fire. We learn that Wade Wilson, the normal guy with a normal life who becomes Deadpool, is suffering from cancer that's attacking essentially all of his vital organs. Of course, Wilson eventually listens to some sketchy guys in a sketchy bar, gets taken into a sketchy warehouse on a sketchy gurney, and endures some sketchy experimental medical treatments in order to become stronger, "better," as the guy in the bar pitched it. After that it's all red bodysuits and curb-stomping mafiosos for Wilson. Oh, and we get a glimpse of what Wilson looks like under his skin-tight suit—T. J. Miller's character calls it the lovechild of Freddy Krueger and a topographical map of Utah. 

Before tonight, we'd only seen little bits and pieces of the movie: test footage, screenshotsteasersand goofy clips of Ryan Reynolds being Ryan Reynolds on set. Fans were so ready for a preview of the movie that when the trailer first leaked at Comic-Con in June there was an encore showing immediately after. A bootleg of the spot made it online, of course, but tonight is our first trailer taste that wasn't shot on some dude's phone. The Deadpool​ movie is already an unstoppable force of marketing, and we're still months away from its theater release. Needless to say, the people are excited. 

waiting for the deadpool trailer like

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30 mins till the deadpool trailer

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Between now and then we're keeping a running count of the amount of times Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to talk to us in trailers. Watch the trailer above to get started.