A highly ranked law school in the United Kingdom is making students a pretty good guarantee refunds if those costly degrees don't actually pay off.

The University of Law (which may be the most generic name for anything ever, but OK) will refund 50 percent of graduates' tuition cost if they can't find a job within nine months of getting their degree, Mashable reports. 

"Our position as the preferred training provider to over 30 major law firms and our experience in training highly skilled law practitioners give us the confidence and the assurance that our graduates will be in employment within nine months,” the University's CEO said in a statement. 

Of course, we're talking about grad school in England here. Meanwhile a lot of people in the U.S. are moving back in with their parents because they can't find jobs to make their crippling student loan payments. 

In an effort to help get that under control, President Barack Obama described a plan earlier this year to give every American two free years of community college "if they're willing to work for it." If congress approves that plan, it could be a huge help to future college students. 

The rest of us will continue making the minimum payment and eating this for dinner. Again.