As Tracy Morgan continues to recover from his terrible car accident, he has a new show that will continue to move forward, too. The actor has been spotted around town, newly driving again and cracking jokes, which is great to hear considering that doctors originally thought he was not going to be able to act again. But Morgan and his team at FXX seem like they are about to prove them wrong—Deadline reports that FXX executives have said they fully intend to move forward with Morgan's comedy series, which was put on hold after the accident last June 2014, and basically refuse to do the show with anyone else but Morgan as the lead. 

"We know he wants to do it," said FX Networks CEO John Landgraf. Deadline reports that Morgan is just as willing, and has been in touch with the show's writer, Chris Case. President of Original Programming Eric Schrier said they will continue to work on the script. 

The execs haven't officially confirmed anything, of course—but they seem optimistic. And that's exciting—because the show sounds like something we'd love and watch: created by Charlie Day and the other geniuses from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, we can only imagine that the series will be hilarious. 

[via Deadline]