Location: Palmyra, Syria
Notable Residents:
Amenities: Random inmate abuse

Tadmor is located in the Syrian desert, and has been called "the kingdom of death and madness." It was originally built to act as military barracks for the French Mandate forces, but quickly gained a reputation as a location for outrageous torture. Prisoners were subjected to medieval methods, including being dragged to death, while others where killed with axes and cut into pieces. Victims were randomly selected, forcing prisoners to live in constant fear.

The worst incident as Tadmor came in June 1980, when Rifaat al-Assad ordered commandos into the building to kill prisoners after the Syrian division of the  Muslim Brotherhood attempted to kill his brother, president Hafez al-Assad. Roughly 500 prisoners were killed.

Tadmor closed in 2001, and the remaining prisoners were sent to other facilities in Syria; however, it reopened last June. Some 350 people arrested for participating in anti-regime demonstrations were imprisoned, keeping right in line with the prison's history.