Location: Almafuerte, Argentina
Notable Residents: n/a
Amenities: Limited septic tanks

Mendoza Prison has a population that is nearly three times its capacity. It's common to find inmates packed like sardines, with up to five prisoners squeezed into a cell that's about four square meters, forcing them to sleep on the floor without mattresses. Smell that? There's a distinct lack of one of modern life's necessities here: septic tanks. This forces inmates to sub in plastic bags and bottles for toilets. Oh, and prisoners don't have access to showers. Considering the overcrowding, that stench can't be anything short of unbearable.

Things aren't much better in this women's section of the prison, where children are forced to live in this hell with their mothers. The most damning fact of all is that there are no medical records for prisoners. The only time a prisoner meets a member of the medical staff is when she or he dies.