Location: Hoeryong County, North Korea
Notable Residents: n/a
Amenities: If you're lucky, you might get to live with your family in a small room inside a run-down house

Kwan-li-so, also known as "Camp 22," is a North Korean political prisoner camp. Isolated from the outside world, it is a maximum security prison where inmates and their families are held for the rest of their lives. The camp was set up in 1965, and the number of prisoners rose dramatically in the 1990s, following the closure of three other camps in the area. Camp 22 covers about 87 square miles, and is bordered by a 3,300-volt electric fence inside of a barbed wire fence. There are about 1,000 guards and as many as 600 administrative agents employed at the camp. Guards are armed with automatic weapons, grenades, and trained dogs.

The conditions at the camp are awful, as prisoners are regularly spotted with injuries including missing ears, crooked noses, and horribly-scarred faces. They're treated to two meager meals of corn per day, and even the prisoners relegated to crutches (an alarming number are missing limbs) are forced to work. The only source of meat in their diets is the occasional rat or frog, if a prisoner is lucky enough to catch one. Up to 2,000 inmates die annually—many are children who die before the age of 10. Prisoners may be forced to live in bunkhouses with 100 people in a single room, and families are "rewarded" for good work by getting the option to live together in a room inside of a small house that, lucky for them, is in poor condition. Prisoners are routinely tortured using cruel methods including being stripped and hung upside down while they're beaten, or being forced to stand on their toes in water filled up to their noses for up to 24 hours. Beatings are carried out on a daily basis, and female prisoners who don't submit to rape are killed.