Location: Western Australia
Notable Residents: Bon Scott (lead singer of AC/DC)
Amenities: An impressive art gallery

On this 15-acre site, you can find the former prison, gatehouse, cottages, perimeter walls, and even prisoner art. The prison was built during the 1850s and transferred over to the government during the latter part of the 19th century to house local prisoners. Early prisoners were literally shipped in, but this practice ceased during the 19th century, and as a result the prison's population dropped off. The prison saw significant expansion during the early 20th century, including a Panopticon that housed death row.

The prison was acquired by the Australian army during both World Wars to be used as a military prison. A riot took place inside of the prison in 1988 after internal temperatures reached a sweltering 126 degrees. Prisoners took over divisions of the prison, holding 15 officers hostage. A fire started that caused $1.8 million worth of damage. The prison closed in 1991, but work to restore the site didn't begin until 2005. It would become the best-preserved convict prison in the country, and the first building in Western Australia to earn a spot on the Australian National Heritage List. It is now used for tours. The art gallery features the work of current and former prisoners in Western Australia.