Location: Havana, Cuba
Notable Residents: n/a
Amenities: Even if you earn a trial, the decision is usually predetermined, and not in your favor

There is no regard for human rights at this Cuban prison. It was built during the 18th century by Spain's King Carlos lll, originally for the purpose of defending the city of Havana from attack during the Seven Years War. By the time the fortress was completed, it was the second-largest military installation in the New World. For the next two centuries, it served as a prison and military base for both Spain and Cuba. In 1959, it was famously raided by a band of rebels led by Che Guevara and then served as a headquarters during the Cuban Revolution.

Those who opposed Fidel Castro were imprisoned here, locked up until they decided they wanted to support him. Prisoners lose all of their rights at La Cabaña, and it is almost impossible to get a trial while staying there, and if you're that lucky it won't matter because trials are often determined in advance. The everyday criminal is given precedent over political prisoners, and usually encouraged to terrorize them.