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Location: Nonthaburi Province, Thailand
Notable Residents: n/a
Amenities: Death row inmates have irons welded to their legs

Bang Kwang Prison is located at the Chao Phraya River, about seven miles north of Bangkok. It houses foreign prisoners, including those serving long-term sentences and those stranded on death row. They prisoners are cut no slack; all inmates wear  shackles around their legs during their first three months of incarceration. Death row inmates have it worse, as the irons are actually welded onto their legs.

Prisoners are treated to one bowl of vegetables and rice per day, but they're given the option to purchase other food from the prison's canteen. Like most prisons, there's an internal social hierarchy, with poor prisoners doing chores for the wealthier inmates. Their are some British and Lebanese prisoners that receive extra money via charities, and the British Embassy provides its prisoners with food and vitamins.

Thai prisoners were previously served red rice, while foreign prisoners were served white rice. This practice was discontinued amid cries of discrimination; all prisoners are now served white rice.

Bang Kwang has appeared in Mafia Wars: Bangkok, and on an episode of American Dad.