Are we out of the woods yet? No, Taylor. But this particularly inventive 10-year-old boy from Utah most certainly is. After reportedly getting separated from his family while looking for mushrooms near a lake in Ashley National Forest, the daring young boy spent approximately 29 hours alone in the wilderness as overnight temperatures dipped into the 30s.

Instead of launching into an understandable panic upon his realization that he was most definitely lost, the boy proceeded to fish for food and use his jacket as a makeshift water filtration system. As for bracing the cold of the night, he figured that little hurdle out too. “There’s just a ton of giant rocks, so I hid between four of them so the wind wouldn’t hit me too much,” the boy told reporters shortly after being spotted and rescued by a police helicopter.

According to KSL, local authorities confirm the boy is in good condition and seems "relatively unfazed" by the whole incident. "He's a little hungry," Uintah County Sheriff's official Brian Fletcher told reporters, "but he's been checked out by medical crews and they say he looks good." Though no official ruling has been revealed, the boy is expected to remain an incomparable badass for the rest of his life.